See me present!

Sesh Murthy from Cloud Raxak asked me to co-present at Cloud Expo NY June 2016. I’ve never done such a thing before, so this was a big deal for me. I put together a base presentation that Sesh modified. The video of this is now on YouTube. My part starts at 8m30, and there was a little Q/A at the end (31m35). “Enjoy” watching me do my first ever public talk!

Using Containers Securely in Production

This is the content of a presentation I put together for Cloud Expo NY 2016. The final presentation had a lot of this ripped out and replaced with stuff from my co-presenter (Sesh Murthy from Cloud Raxak), because he had information he wanted to present as well and we only had 35 minutes. The resulting presentation was, I think, a good hybrid. This is the original story I wanted to tell.