The Itsy Bitsy Security Spider

Sometimes we can learn a lot from nursery rhymes; I’ve previously shown how A Hole In My Bucket can teach us about understanding problems and how this can lead to security issues. The Itsy Bitsy Spider can also teach us… So what is the story of the spider? Spider starts to do something productive Event happens that destroys the progress Spider starts over to do something productive But what we don’t see, here, is the spider learning from the event.

There's a hole in my security bucket

In my spare time I’ve been playing on Unix StackExchange. And I’ve found the old song There’s a Hole In My Bucket going through my head. It’s a conversation between Henry and Liza; Henry has a problem and is asking Liza for help. In summary: H: There's a hole in my bucket L: Mend it! H: How? L: With straw. H: But it's too long L: So cut it H: How?


Coworker: i’ve found that networking/factime can pay dividends CW: *face time Me: “factime” - that was the early name for “bullet time”, but they realised “fast and circular” didn’t sound as cool. CW: stephen you ever play trivial pursuit and if so how’d you do? CW: or maybe jeopardy Me: Umm, you really shouldn’t believe everything I write :-) CW: lol CW2: Stephen, have you ever played balderdash? And if so, how’d you do?

A joke I learned in 1978

When I was 10 my teacher told us this joke. So in the old Wild West… General Custer was chasing Sitting Bull. He had his cavalry and supply wagons and soldiers. They’d been chasing Sitting Bull for days and the weather was starting to go bad. A lieutentant came to Custer and told him “Sir, the men are tired, the weather is bad, we need to rest.” Custer thought about it and replied “OK, I’ve been here before; a couple of miles ahead is a valley where we can make camp”.