ChatGPT and Calculators

This is one of my infrequent “philosophical” type posts. An earlier version of this appeared on LinkedIn. There was a LinkedIn post along the lines of “are we treating ChatGPT today like we used to treat calculators in the past”. In my mind the question is “what skill do we believe is valuable that ChatGPT will replace”. The parallels between how we treated calculators in a school setting (“no you can’t use them for homework”) vs how we’re treating ChatGPT (“no you can’t use them for homework”) needs a deeper dive.

What I did on my weekend

Every so often I get asked to do something that’s not related to my employer, or is stuff that results from my activities for my employer. Frequently this is some form of informal consulting/discussion. There was the cloud expo presentation. I’ve been on a couple of “Customer Advisory Boards” because of my container opinions (I have opinions; sometimes people want to listen to them). This time I was asked to look at a mobile email configuration.

When does an AI become alive?

This blog post is gonna be a little different; it’s more philosophical than most of what I write. It rose out a question a friend asked: “When does a biological AI become life?” My friend asked me this because he felt that SciFi must have covered this topic, and I’ve read and watched more than my fair share :-) Remove the limitations Now, I found the restriction to “biological AI” is unnecessary limiting.