Some good Voyager

So I wrote that Voyager was the worst ST ever. I still agree with that, because of the overall structure. This doesn’t deny that some episodes were good though. Viewing Voyager as a “old school story telling” structure allows you to see each episode as an individual story. One really good one is “Child’s Play” (season 6). This is a “7 of 9 episode” (one of the downsides of Voyager was “harry episode”, “tom episode”, “tuvok episode” etc etc), but it was one of the better standalone episodes, talking to what it means to be an individual, to have self-agency.

Why Star Trek Voyager was the worst of all

“Voyager” has a reputation for being awful. And I agree with this. But maybe not for the reason commonly cited. It’s an article of faith amongst some people that Voyager is panned simply because it had a woman in the captain’s chair. I have no doubt that there are plenty of Neanderthals out there who do have this stupid knee jerk reaction. I remember some of the media speculation around having a female captain, and how the audience would take it.