Home Automation

Adding some smarts to a dumb aircon

I have a Friedrich aircon. It’s of the old school. The only intelligent part of it is “eco” mode (turn off the fan when the temperature is cold enough) and a simple timer (“turn on in 9 hours time”). It’s this timer that annoys me; you have to set it every day. A number of days I would go to work, forgetting to set it, and come home to a house in the mid-90F.

Extending automation to the garage

My garage door is controlled my a Lynx 455 Plus garage opener This is a pretty traditional opener; a door-bell type button inside the garage to open/close the door and a remote control for wireless access. I wanted to see if I could make this smart-enabled. Now the control side is simple enough; just put a relay in parallel to the button. If the relay closes then the opener will think the button has been pressed.

Slowly making my home smart

This post isn’t in my normal theme. I’m gonna describe how I made my home smart. Well, semi-smart. Over the past couple of years I’ve slowly been making my house lights be smart. In many places I’ve used Hue White Bulbs. They’re frequently on sale and can be got for around $10/bulb, which isn’t bad. With the hub they can be controlled by Alexa, or locally by using the API exposed on the hub.