Blame Security

Else-net there was a discussion on how “security” is generally seen as a blocker; they’re seen as gate keepers and people who just say “no”, or who may be focused on regulatory compliance and not actual security. Who needs Mordac, the Preventer Of Information Services when you have a security team?! The thing is, “security” isn’t a monolith, and it’s not a one way street. Many teams I’ve only really seen security from a megacorp perspective, both from the companies I’ve worked for and the people from other companies I’ve spoken with over the years.

The Windows 7 taskbar

People keep telling me how Windows 7 is so much better than XP. Eventually, at work, I get forced into using it. The first thing I notice is that the taskbar is now all icons, which you have to mouse over to see what windows each application has. And there’s no quick launch area any more; you can pin applications to the taskbar so they’re there. However, I like having the XP option of having a program bar for each running program.